Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Summer 35mm

I feel like I am torturing myself by looking through these pictures of my summer. Right now its 7 degrees in London, although it is sunny, I am currently sat on my kitchen table with a blanket over my legs. Anyway, back to the post. The following pictures were from my summer. Of course I didn't photograph everything but bellow are some of my favourite memories of summer 2015. 

I would really like to know whether you like the new direction of the blog. I personally really love it. Thank you for reading. I shall report back with pictures from my trip to the French Alps. 

It has become some sort of a tradition for me to visit this Natural Reserve every summer. Unfortunately I got very ill, while I was there and only lasted one night on the camping adventure.

I visited Porto for the first time with my mum. I loved every minute of it and actually went back not so long ago to celebrate my 21st. I have a black & white roll of film I still need to finish with pictures from Porto so look out for that very soon!

When I wasn't interning I was spending time at the beach. This beach is a half hour drive away from me but it is one of my favourite beaches because you can choose from playing in the sea or the river.

All pictures were taken with me Practika BMS.



  1. Tão giras!! Adoro estas fotografias :)

  2. Adorei as fotos e o teu blog, diferente daquilo que tenho andando a ver, o que é ótimo.



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