Friday, May 06, 2016

Postcards from the South of Portugal

These pictures are what is getting me through revision today. Knowing that I will be going down the Portuguese coast this summer makes me feel instantly better. I took these back in April when I was in Lagos, Algarve. For me, there is something special about taking film pictures at the beach, I don't know, its just how they turn out, the colours are always so beautiful. 
I have my first exam this Monday, followed by one on Wednesday and one de following Tuesday. It is very much making me anxious but I know that in 2 weeks time I will have finished my undergraduate degree! (I guess I can procrastinate a little longer and tell you my plans for the future.) I will be doing a Masters in Marketing next year and I will be living at home in London which is awesome. During the summer, I will spend most of my time in Portugal if I do not manage to get an internship. 
Anyway the blog will be kind of quiet for the next 2 weeks, I don't have any pre-shot material to upload and can only create new posts after I finish my exams! 
All shot on Practika BMS



  1. tão tão tão bonitas, a sério. a última então...


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