Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Laguna Film Diary

This is probably one of my favourite posts I have ever done here on the blog. 
I went to California for 10 days and my days were divided between LA (a post coming soon) and Laguna Beach. Honestly, Laguna Beach was my favourite, I felt like I was back home in Nazaré because everything revolved around going to the beach. 
Dalia and I worked out a lot and that is something I recommend to anyone that goes to California. The options available are incredible, we did SoulCycle, Barre (my favourite!), Paddle Yoga, Paddle Boarding and Surfing, we had the time of our lives! We visited local farmers markets and honestly I was the most healthy I have ever been, whilst having a lot of fun. 
When we were looking for coffee one morning we discovered a hidden gem, San Juan Capistrano, California's oldest residential neighbourhood. I cannot recommend this place enough, it was like walking onto the set of a Wild West movie. I am glad the the Hidden House Coffee brought us to Capistrano not only did we find an amazing historical town we also enjoyed amazing coffee and pastries!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, I am trying to teleport from the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs to Laguna but I am not having much luck.


Hidden House Coffee

All shot with Praktica BMS and Canon Sure Shot MAX.



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