Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lisbon Film Diary

Quick tip, I would grab a coffee or a tea before you get started on this blog post because it is going to be long. Every summer I am in Portugal, no questions. Its home so I love to go back. I'm from a very small beach town so I usually book a staycation in Lisbon every summer. This summer was no different. 
I was only there for 3 days and one of those days I was helping my friend, so I was at her make-up school from 10am-8pm and had no time to see the city. 
Anyway, here are some memories from my time in Lisbon, my time there was short so maybe this can serve as a guide to anyone who is only in Lisbon for a short time aka what to do in Lisbon when you only have 48 hours.

1. Lisbon is comparably cheap to other European cities so spoil yourself and book a hotel downtown that offers a pretty view of the city (maybe your room will offer a balcony, I wasn't that lucky this time). Nonetheless, we stayed at Vincci Baixa and we really enjoyed our stay, the rooms were clean and we were super close to all the places we wanted to explore.

2. You can skip this step, but buy yourself a pair of cool sunglasses so your pictures turn out even cooler đŸ˜Ž . These are from Bimba y Lola and I bought them in El Corte InglĂ©s on sale. 

3. Explore the area of Chiado. It's the most popular area of Lisbon and where you will find all the shops. A few years back my brother and I discovered a store called 'Slou' which has brands like Comme des Garçons, Thrasher, APC and others. If those brands entice you I would definitely recommend Slou, I think it's probably the only shop in Lisbon with these kind of brands. I treated myself to a Thrasher t-shirt and I love it.

4. This isn't a tourist attraction I know and it's kind of ridiculous but the bathrooms of Armazéns do Chiado (female of course) have this view! So if you ever need to go hold it in and go here!

5. Go out at golden hour, Lisbon turns gold at sunset so take this time to explore Alfama. Stop at Miradouro de Santa Luzia and Miradouro das Portas do Sol and look over the beautiful city. Follow this walk up with dinner at LX Factory, we ate at A Praça.

Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Miradouro das Portas do Sol

6. Have a well rested sleep back at the hotel and get up full of energy. *Just a tip, if your room doesn't have breakfast included, do not fear, find the closest 'Padaria Portuguesa' and enjoy a cheap and very good Portuguese breakfast.* 
After walk up Avenida da Liberdade and take the Elevador da Gloria *have some € as you can pay on board*

7. As soon as you come off the tram on your right you will find the Miradouro de SĂŁo Pedro de AlcĂąntra. Take pictures and enjoy the view.

8. Keep walking up, you will be in the area of Principe Real. Look around the shops and continue until you find Embaixada an Arabian palace that has become the home to new national brands. 

9. Pick any street to walk back down, you will most probably find yourself in a street of Bairro Alto. Enjoy the experience and go into every little store you find on your way down.

10. If you find yourself in Lisbon when its 30 degrees and over, stop at Paletaria and have a healthy ice cream. *The watermelon was quite yummy!* 

11. Visit the Miradouro do Adamastor

12. Finally, before heading back to your hotel and packing your bags (if you only stay for 48 hours like us) walk past the famous Ascensor da Bica.

Hopefully this post was not only enjoyable but helpful. I had 48 hours in the city, so this 'guide' is far from complete, but hopefully some of these tips are helpful!

All pictures were taken with Praktica BMS and Canon Sure Shot MAX.



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