Saturday, August 20, 2016

Portugal Film Diary

Being back in London is synonymous of summer coming to an end, so sharing these pictures is like closing the chapter of Summer 2016 *sobs*. 
I've been away from London for a month and a half which is odd because I always spend 2-3 months away. Nonetheless, this summer was probably one of the best ones. Before my 'proper' summer holidays begun I had visited my dad in Spain and had been to Paris because of the EuroCup Final (which Portugal won, hurray!).
These pictures are from my time in my home town Nazaré, where the daily routine is waking up, chilling by the pool and then going to the beach. Oh what a life! I read and spent time with my friends,  it was really nice. I hope these pictures show how fun and relaxing it was being home.
I spent a few days in Lisbon so I am already working on that post :) and lastly I was in LA for 10 days so I am so excited to show you pictures from that adventure!

All taken on Praktica BMS and Canon Sure Shot MAX



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