Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey guys! Today I show you my first fashion week experience. Through friends I got the opportunity to go and check out the Heavy London Showroom which showcased the designs of a few Portuguese designers. I loved it so much, specially because I was also able to photograph the pieces and understand the inspiration behind them. 
I was a little upset because one of my rolls turned out unexposed but you win some and you loose some. 

Today I start my masters, it's going to be a year of handwork. However, I can't wait to have this blog on the side and show you some of my recent projects and future travels!

Susana Bettencourt's collection. Inspired by her childhood in Açores where the sight of a new boat in the harbour meant happiness and fun.

Alexandra Moura's designs, also a favourite! I loved that every piece had this eye.
Modelled by the beautiful Maria.

All shot with Canon Sure Shot MAX.



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