Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Complete Ischia Guide on film

Hello!! Long time no blog? I feel like all my blogposts unfortunately start like that. Currently i'm in  London trying to survive this heatwave. I honestly hate being in London when it gets this warm, I wish I was in Portugal so I could hang out by the pool or go to the beach everyday. Anyway. the reason why i'm in London is because i've been applying for jobs and going to interviews. Oh! And i've been working on my dissertation 🙊

Enough with the updates this post is about my most recent trip to the sister Island of Capri, Ischia! I went with my best friend Olivia and we stayed for a week so I feel like we saw the majority of the island. To get to Ischia we flew to Naples and then got the Ferry. During our stay we also went on a day trip to Positano and Amalfi so look out for that!

Ischia 🇮🇹🚢
Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte are the main towns. Thats where we would have dinner and where we would browse shops & get gelato! 

FUN FACT: Ischia was one of the locations for The Talented Mr Ripley film!

Beaches 👙🌞🌴
Baia di San Montano, Lacco Ameno
This was probably my favourite beach. We only discovered it on our last day and we loved it. Its a little bay so the sea is calm and its not too windy.

Spiaggia di San Francesco, Forio
This was also one of our favourites, it didn't get too busy which was nice. It has beach bars near by so you can get lunch. It was a little hard to find but I mean if you keep walking towards the ocean you'll always find the beach. 

Spiaggia di Cava Grado, Sant'Angelo
This beach was like a little cove, it was so quiet and calm so we really enjoyed it. Definitely a perfect beach for a windy day.

Maronti Beach
It's funny, this beach is the reason why I wanted to return to Ischia and this time I wasn't as impressed by it. To be honest, the days we went the weather was slightly temperamental, I still love Maronti & definitely still recommend it.

Cava dell'Isola, Forio
We found it quite hard to get to this beach! But we really did enjoy it. It was recommended to us by our Airbnb host so I guess its a favourite among the locals.

Rossopomodoro (get the Nutella tiramisu, you have too!!), Ristorante Aglio olio & Pomodoro, Zio Peppe, Da Ciccio
Shopping 💳
Antica Sartoria - they have a shop in Ischia town, Forio, Positano & Amalfi. We went to all of them haha

We stayed at this airbnb, if you want £30 off your first stay use this link

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